About ME

"Jillian Barberie is a Canadian-born American television hostess, news anchor and radio personality who currently co-hosts The Drive Home on 790 KABC in Los Angeles."

I may be known for reporting the news + weather (Good Day LA for 20 years), talking on a radio or being a Beauty Ambassador for Too Faced Cosmetics but my friends and family know me BEST for other reasons.

Those include my passion for home decor + design, throwing great parties, pets and all animals, my love for make-up and all things feminine as well as motherhood and everything that comes along with that!

Ask Jillian is a place that “houses" home DIY, has things for the kids (brought to you by my own kids, Rocco & Ruby), and everything in between! I can't wait to answer all of your questions and show you a thing or two about stuff that makes me tick. No politics - ALL PASSION!